Affiliate program

Become our partner and earn commissions on every sale you invite. Our program is free to join, easy to register and does not require technical knowledge.

How it works?

When you join our affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate link. When a user clicks on your link, he gets to our website, and his actions are monitored by our affiliate software. You will receive a commission of [Commission_pct] on the total amount of the sale.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Registration is free!
  • Real time reports
  • High and fast payouts

Ready to join?

When you send someone to our site with your unique referral ID, a cookie containing this ID is placed on its computer. Thus, even if they make a purchase later, you will still receive a commission.

Registration takes into account: users from the USA, Canada, Australia are accepted Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain. Others are not considered. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50 dollars. Payment from 0.10 to 5 dollars depending on the country of registration. There are fines for surcharge and other fakes.(All this is verified by the site administrator).

We hope for full cooperation!